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Xactic Tanks Available in Annapolis Valley and Surroundings

Corkum’s Pipe & Culvert Inc. offers Xactics tanks in Annapolis Valley and surroundings. Xactics™ is a manufacturer of polyethylene septic tanks in Canada, recognized around the world for their excellent quality. The success of Xactics’s products resides in the state-of-the-art technology being used in the manufacturing process. Indeed, by using the rotomoulding technique, Xactics is able to produce durable, large septic and holding tanks that fit your needs. Contact us to learn more!

Septic Tanks

A septic tank collects wastewaters from a residential or commercial facility, separating solids from liquids and breaking down solids through a bacterial procedure before rejecting everything into a septic leeching field. We stock two sizes of Xactics Septic Tanks:

  • 14.2800 litres 
  • 14.4700 litres

Both models have a double compartment to further break the solids and include an effluent filter.

Holding Tanks

A holding tank is meant to contain waste without processing it. With regular pumping that avoid backups, holding tanks are an excellent option wherever septic tanks and leeching fields are prohibited due to lack of space or soil conditions. 

We stock the following Xactics holding tanks: 

  • 14.5700 litres 
  • 14.9000 litres


Septic tank riser black


Septic Tank Risers 8'' x 12''

Septic tank riser white

Septic Tank Risers 20'' x 24''

20" Lid


20'' Lid + 8"

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