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septic tank riser

Easy-access Septic Tank Risers for Homeowners in Annapolis Valley

Homeowners often want to raise the lid on their septic tanks to provide an easier access when pumping is required. Yet, every situation is unique, considering the diameter and height of the riser and lid that need to be installed. With our septic tank risers, offered in Annapolis Valley and surroundings, you can add a ready-access riser system to any existing septic tanks. Communicate with us today!


*Corrugated pipe adapter rings are ideal for retrofitting existing septic tanks.

Available in 12", 18" & 24"

We Answer Your Needs

You just have to tell us the diameter of your septic tank’s access hole and how high you want to raise it.

Our team at Corkum’s Pipe & Culvert Inc. will cut a piece of corrugated plastic culvert to the required height.

We offer plug covers that fit all major manufactuers' 12", 15", 18", 24" & 30" plastic corrugated pipes.

Riser adapter rings/plates for 12", 18", 24" plastic corrugated pipes.


POLYLOK™ Riser system

We also carry the Polylok™ Riser System. 

They are stackable, can be screwed together, and are water and airtight.

Septic Tank Risers
  • 20" diameter x 2" high
  • 20" diameter x 6" high
  • 20" diameter x 12" high
  • 20" riser lids

Now stocking the new 2" high riser in both

20" & 24" diameter. 

Like the other risers it comes with the factory installed gasket. 

It is a great solution for systems needing only a

few inches to come to grade.

Polylok Riser Cover







  • 24" diameter x 2" high
  • 24" diameter x 6" high
  • 24" diameter x 12" high
  • 24" riser lids
Adapter kit


  • Fits 20" and 24" risers

Adapter Ring

The first component that you need in order to retrofit an existing tank is the adapter ring. The Polylok™ Adapter Ring fits with 20" or 24" risers.


The large square shape of this adapter allows it to cover up to a 25” x 25” square opening or up to a 27” diameter round opening.


Once mounted to the tank, any combination of Polylok risers and lids will attach directly to this adapter.


  • Factory installed gaskets in Risers and Covers 
  • Watertight and airtight
  • Allows septic tank to be easily vacuum or water tested
  • Highest UV-Ray Protection on the market today
  • Easy to bring septic access to grade
  • Made of High Density Polyethylene
tuf-tite logo

Tuf-Tite® Risers

If your concrete tank in the Annapolios Valley is 3 years old or newer, you may require these Tuf-Tite® brand risers & lids.

  • 24" dia x 6" high
  • 24" dia x 12" high
  • 24" Riser Lids
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