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Several factors enter into the selection of the geosynthetic to be used.

Application - Roads, Construction, Landscaping, Septic, Hydrolic Works

Function - Filtration, Separation, Reinforcement, Drainage, Protection, Control

Designed and manufactured in Canada 


Geosynthetics Selection Guide

Soleno EPURTEX - Septic fabric for septic fields



Soleno’s EPURTEX  
Septic Fabric for Septic Fields


5’ wide x 164’
5’ wide x 492’
10’ wide x 492’


Epurtex facilitates evapotranspiration and the transfer of oxygen
Allowing the vital passage of oxygen for the proper functioning of the absorption field.


Epurtex Video


Techinical Documents

Soleno TX-70

               This non-woven polypropylene TX-70 geotextile membrane will get the job done!!                   Drainage trench 


Dimensions    Qty/ roll SqM

3.81m x 110 m     ( 12.5' x 360' ) 

 1.75m x 110 m     ( 5.75' x 360' )

1.75m x 30 m     ( 5.75' x 100' )

1.17m x 110 m     ( 3.85' x 360' )


Technical Documents  

Excellent for the following applications:

Filtration function:
Foundation and basement drainage
Slab and building foundation
Drainage trench
Retaining walls, embankments and berms


Separation function:


Drainage trench      

Retaining walls, embankments and berms


soleno TX-90



   Dimensions    Qty/ roll SqM

 3.81m x 150 m      ( 12.5’ x 492’ )


Technical Documents  

TX-90 is mainly used for separation

Separation function:

Temporary roadway

Permanent public & private roadway -Public access road

Residential parking areas

Commercial parking area

Roadway widening 

Airport runways

Percolation well

Driveway culvert



NB Spec N2

NS Spec Class3

NS LightWeight


soleno TX-170




Dimensions    Qty/ roll SqM

3.81m x 100 m     ( 12.5' x 328' )


Technical Documents  

TX-170 is mainly used for Filtration

Filtration Function:

Temporary Roadway

PermanentPublic & Private Road

Public Access Road

Commericial Parking Areas

Roadway Widening

Airport Runways

Storage & Loading Areas



NB Spec N3

NS Spec Class2

NS LightWeight


Food-Grade Beverage Containers

Our food-grade beverage containers are made locally with the highest quality HDPE plastic and are available in a number of sizes. We also stock an assortment of 38 mm screw caps.

Available Sizes

  • 250 ml
  • 350 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 1 litre square bottle
  • 2 litres
  • 4 litres

Applications Include

  • Apple cider / juices
  • Milk
  • Water
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